15 Brilliant Things To Do With $50K+

Consequently, if you are not really certain what to do with that money, continue reading.

What to do with 50k: satisfy your emergency fund

Since you will hear only about every financial pro recommend, among the most significant financial actions you may take would be to put aside at least three to six weeks’ worth of living expenses in an emergency fund. Consequently, if you’ve got $50K or more to play, the very first, and most important thing that you ought to do is fulfill your emergency fund.

And because you’ve got enough money, I highly suggest that you do that.

what to do with 50k


As you need one way to invest to be accessible in the case of a true financial crisis, the last thing you need to do is dip into it to get non-emergency expenses.

That is why we advocate isolating your emergency fund. To put it differently, you should place the amount into a savings bank account in a very different lender than you use to your regular checking and savings account. By keeping the money from sight, it is going to lower your urge to pull funds from it, and so, shield it from unsavory spending habits.

what to do with 50k

Another thing, if you are going to start new savings account for the emergency fund, make certain to select an account that earns high interest. Using its low opening deposit and strong rate of interest, it’s a phenomenal selection for a savings account; if you’ve got $50 000 maybe not.

Eliminate Debt

There are no 2 ways about debt isn’t just plain terrible to your net value. In reality, when you’ve got the chance to pay off your entire credit card debt, but you need to lower your emergency fund to just $1,000 or $2,000 to be able to accomplish this, I think you should do it!


Since every cent of the money you pay to someone else limits your money flow, and so, your ability to construct wealth. Moreover, you’re letting the energy of compound interest work against you instead of for you, and it is likewise not behavior that contributes to wealth.

what to do with 50k

Now, just so that you know, I am not just some guy telling you to repay the debt once I am sitting buried inside myself. I’ve walked the debt-free street and forgot about student loan debt and some funds. Therefore, when I inform you that life is among the very financially freeing, stress-reducing, finest all-around decisions you may make with your financial goals, I am giving you financial advice from personal experience.

Thus, to return to my first point, if you’ve got $50,000 sitting on your savings accounts, you need to use as many funds of it as you can to repay debt.


In case you’ve got fully-funded emergency finance, and you’re debt-free, then you need to definitely take a few of the $50K and spend it.

what to do with 50k

However, let us be fair, investing is a fairly broad topic. Well, here is a couple of the very best recognized one way to invest: mutual funds, stock market, index fund, government bonds, real estate investment trusts, exchange-traded, etc.


For those who have a 401 K, a ROTH IRA, or some other retirement account, you need to seriously think about using some amount of money and leading them. In case you’ve got the patience to spend it now, it might reap giant rewards from the time you hit retirement. And if that day comes, you’ll be unbelievably pleased you did with your 401 k.


In case you have children, and you’re planning to cover their college education daily, then you need to think about one way to invest in a 529-Plan (i.e. a school fund).

what to do with 50k

While the two retirement accounts and 529-Plan ought to be spent in a fantastic set of index funds, mutual funds, you may also simply invest the money in mutual funds by yourself. You will not get a number of the monetary benefits as the earlier mentioned investments, however, the money will probably be liquid, which means that you may get it one penalty-free way if you were to ever want it.

If you enjoy the concept of the investor in real estate, and you also have sufficient money to get a parcel of real estate, then can be a terrific alternative. However, as I said, you should proceed with debt if you may pay for the house in full.

What to do with 50k: Start A Business

Of all of the choices in the following guide, starting a company is the investment strategy that gets me excited — but that is just me.

In case many people have got a legitimate small business idea which you’ve been trying to start for a while. Nevertheless, you ought to do this with care. To put it differently, you shouldn’t take much money and invest it into a few far-fetched, unrealistic small business ideas you don’t have any clue how to eliminate the floor.

what to do with 50k

Instead, you need to use a small part of the sum to assist seed your enterprise and leave the remainder to your hard work and commitment. Having enough money to begin a company does not guarantee its success. You still have to set in the job for extra money.

However, if you’ve got a fantastic thought and a tenacious work ethic, with a little money can be unbelievably beneficial. Just make sure you set aside.


For many folks, the ability to travel is not the best way to invest. Thus, believe it or not, choosing a holiday can be a terrific method to use some of the cash.

what to do with 50k

Please notice the simple fact that I said, that a part of the money. I don’t advise carrying the whole heap of 50K (or however much cash you have lying about ) and blowing it all on a three to six months journey. Instead, you should only use the money to have a holiday once you’ve gotten from debt and filled with your emergency fund.

But seriously, in the event that you never have some fun with your cash, then what is the purpose?


I feel that giving plays a significant part in private finance, since it retains a healthy separation between you and your money, and prevents you from becoming in debt. I mean, there is a term for people who hoard their money rather than use some of it to assist the people around them… inexpensive. Not excellent.

what to do with 50k

I can not force you into committing a predetermined amount of your money, and past that, it might defeat the goal. In the end, giving must come from the center. And in case you’ve got the chance to accomplish this, you must set aside and give it a go!

Purchase a Turnkey Rental Home – invest 50 000

Some of the most frequent complaints I hear from new real estate dealers are: “I do not understand real estate investments” and “My home town provides bad yields on rental properties”

Luckily, there is a simple way to make money: purchase turnkey real estate.

what to do with 50k

To start out with, turnkey possessions are simple to discover, through nationally sales platforms such as Roofstock. It is possible to purchase properties on the opposite side of the nation, using an abundance of translucent details such as house inspection reports, evaluations, neighborhood market information, history, net worth and all published required fields are marked.

This makes locating properties and assessing the numbers simpler. Additionally, turnkey properties do not need any renovations, which eliminates even more headaches from the acquisition procedure.

When there’s a drawback to turnkey possessions, it is the difficulty in locating high-quality properties with both substantial yields. The easy truth is these are properties possessed by another investor, selling openly at market pricing.

what to do with 50k

There is very little chance to”induce equity” via renovations since turnkey properties do not need them.

That often means paying near the entire market cost, but if the vendor may avoid paying Realtor fees via off-market platforms such as Roofstock, that may translate to more space for negotiation and savings for you as the purchaser.

Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

An additional means to purchase long-term leasing properties is that the BRRRR plan. It stands for purchase, restores, lease, refinances, replicates.

Why is this strategy so strong is that it is possible to pull down your initial payment back from their property when you visit refinance. Meaning you may potentially fund 100 percent of your purchase expenses.

what to do with 50k

As an instance, I bought a home for $100,000, put 10 percent, revived it for about $30,000, then refinanced it for about $150,000.

Unlike purchasing a turnkey house, this approach requires more labor on your part. Labor to locate excellent deals, labor to employ and manage builders, labor to oversee the renovation, labor to fund the house twice over. For this extra labor, you may often find better bargains and pull your money back from this bargain to market elsewhere.

what to do with 50k

Even though the BRRRR plan can work nicely in your house marketplace where you could oversee renovations it demonstrates infinitely more challenging to perform long-distance. If investing in a different current market, think about a turnkey instead.

Whichever strategy you select, you still benefit from all of the benefits of buy-and-hold real estate.

Purchase a Short-Term/Vacation Lease

Just because you buy and maintain a home for the long term does not mean that you need to let it long-term tenants or student loans. People hate credit cards.

In certain markets, you can make more with the property as a short term leasing. That could indicate leasing it upon Airbnb to vacationers, or it might signify leasing it supplied to corporate lessees like traveling nurses.

It can help to understand your asset class (business model prior to purchasing the real estate). The revenue and cost numbers vary based on if you use the home as a long- or short-term lease so that it changes the money flow calculations on your due diligence.

what to do with 50k

Once you locate a property that money flows nicely as long-term leasing or a holiday – or corporate lease, you know that you can earn money even when the current market or local regulations change.

It’s possible to fund it with the exact same investment risk tolerance loan way, and you could always correct your business model for your real estate as the marketplace changes and forget about index funds.

Flip a Home

Much as I enjoy all long-term leases, index funds, money market accounts, they are not the only method to invest in low-cost real estate with your $50,000.

Should you are feeling comfy with renovation jobs, contractors, and licenses, explore the notion of turning into a fixer-upper. It’s possible to prevent the frustrations of landlords and make a comparatively quick and high-interest rate.

Just do not make the error of confusing”fast” with”simple”. Flipping homes takes a great deal of work, from locating great deals to hiring and screening contractors to overseeing the renovation to bringing permits and hassling with inspectors and other people into selling and marketing the house quickly.

what to do with 50k

I have earned $40,000 in four weeks by flipping a home, and that I earned every cent, going to the property just about any afternoon and assuming all of the risk tolerance in a home reverse.

Since there are dangers if you renovate. It’s true, you are able to predict the ARV (after-repair worth ), the renovation expenditures, and the carrying costs. And in case you have experience with renovations, then you can do this correctly.

That says nothing of the dangers involved with dealing with builders. Even if they don’t take your deposit and vanish to Fiji for a while in sunlight, many still don’t keep in-budget and on-schedule.

On your first few springs, begin with decorative repairs. Build trust and rapport with builders on smaller jobs, and steer clear of licenses and the other dangers which have structural and mechanical repairs. As you gain confidence and experience, expand into bigger renovation projects.

Do a Live-In Flip

Rather than getting an investment real estate loan, then you can fund a live-in reverse with an inexpensive 203K loan via the FHA to set the house in a habitable condition. When it is livable, it is possible to spend another year or two upgrading the kitchen, bathrooms, and other elements to elevate the house value.

Should you wait a minimum of one year to market, you simply pay capital gains taxes on the gains, not your entire income tax rate. Should you wait at least 2 decades to market, you pay no taxes whatsoever about the first $250,000 of gains if you are single, or $500,000 of earnings if you are married.

what to do with 50k

This choice fits flawlessly for buyers that are easy and enjoy tinkering around the home — particularly those in high tax brackets. The downside is you have to really move in, live in a perpetual work zone for a couple of years, then proceed again relatively fast.

I love to consider live-in flips within an unconventional kind of home hacking. When you proceed to market, your profits should more than pay your home payments for a previous couple of years, meaning a prosperous live-in reverse also means internet free real estate, but not tax-free.

House Hack

The timeless home hacking version entails purchasing a multifamily house, moving into a single unit, and leasing out the other(s). Your neighboring tenants pay your mortgage with their lease payments and your additional non-mortgage expenses.

Now she takes it a step further: she’s introduced into a currency student and the positioning provider pays a monthly stipend that covers all her mortgage. In reality, her house is a mixed-use house with 2 residential units and a single commercial unit. Her daughter lives in the neighboring home unit also covers a hefty chunk of their mortgage, and she and her husband write off the industrial unit since the headquarters of the companies.

what to do with 50k

On top of that, when you hack, you may use conventional mortgage financing as opposed to a real estate loan. That usually means a much lower down payment, generally 0-5% rather than 15-30%. Additionally, it means lower interest rates and lender charges, making for much more attractive funding.

When you go out? You’re able to keep the house as a rental house, along with your owner-occupied loan rendered set up.

Invest in Real Estate Indirectly

Much as I enjoy straight real estate investment, it demands knowledge and a level of work. If you are wondering just what to do with $50,000 and do not have time or interest to understand how to invest straight also in an index fund, customer service, or mutual fund, but nevertheless wish to diversify your portfolio to add a property, you have a selection of alternatives to invest.

what to do with 50k

It is possible to purchase stocks in them via your routine broker, your own IRA or Roth IRA, and frequently throughout your employer-sponsored 401 k.

Equity REITs purchase and handle real estate right, and mortgage REITs lend against real estate.

More lately, crowdfunding sites have grown to supply an option to publicly-traded REITs. While they initially only permitted licensed investors to engage (frequently with minimal investments greater than $50,000 in real estate), many now enable everyone to participate.

If you know one property investor with a Roth ira or other of success, then you may even lend money toward their real estate investing jobs in the kind of personal notes. As investors grow and scale, many moves from investment real estate loans and raise money independently from friends and loved ones. By way of instance, I make 10% yearly on a personal note with an investor I understand in northeast Ohio. And I don`t worry about retirement accounts and don’t think about some tax-free solutions.

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