How to make a rover profile?

Turning into a family pet sitter and mid-day dog walking is amazingly flexible and pays nicely. That`s why many people make a Rover profile and get money.

After crunching figures, my family had an additional $500 each month cls PayPal so for me to become a stay at my own house mother. I have been doing that for the previous two decades and hope enough to pay the difference in our funding.

If you like animals and need a negative job that’s low stress and is not time-consuming, employed as a Rover independent dog walking is an ideal experience for you and for cls PayPal, too.

rover profile

This next guide walks you step by step by turning into a pet sitter and establishing your profile to discover pet owners quickly. Frankly, I had my very first client in a week, sitting at my house.

The best part is you can set your personal accessibility so that you will not miss out on spending some time with your family. Pawshake inc or Rover pet sitting is an excellent job to get a stay at home mother.

That means in the event that you buy a product using these links, I will make a commission on my cls PayPal at no extra cost to you. Please read the entire Delivery coverage for more information.

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✅ Already know you need to become a Rover pet sitter? Our navigation will help you to prepare your profile.

Best Advantages Of Utilizing Rover As A Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is the best side hustle for somebody who loves pets and can be experienced.

Pet sitting and dog walking leaves a fantastic solution for a stay at my own house mother who would like to work but nevertheless take care or grooming of your own kids.

There aren’t any necessary weekend or holiday changes either which is what disqualifies many other negative hustles for somebody with kids.

1. Cuts Down On Time Spent Marketing

Employing site makes it effortless to locate pet sitting clients if you understand the clip rule and how to correctly install your pet sitter profile. I show you just how you can do this below, so just look forward.

Because Rover is a well-known pet sitting stage, you do not have to devote a whole lot of time putting yourself out of your house and promotion.

rover profile

You may still promote yourself too. Many sitters will dictate Rover business cards, market through flyers, or article in neighborhood social networking classes, find pet owners, and make your life better.

2. Easily Update Your Costs & Access

Rover lets you easily upgrade your pet sitter profile. A few things you may define are what kind and size pet you are eager to utilize.

They have an app (inc all rights reserved) it is possible to use on your own phone for continuous access.

3. No Tracking Down Clients For Cash

Payment goes via Rover also so you don’t need to collect money from individuals. Customers are billed by Rover prior to their booking may be verified.

Pet care sitters get paid at the close of the booking. It is possible to put this up so that earnings direct deposit in your e9e9e9 cls PayPal 6, 253b80 cls PayPal, even-odd cls PayPal 3 or 253b80 cls PayPal 8 account.

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✅ Hint: Use my unique link to turn into a Rover pet sitter profile or register as a client to use them for your pets.

What Services Can You Give Through Rover?

As soon as you choose which services to provide, place the distance you can travel, the number of visits you can perform, and the time frames.

It is not as cheap to travel much so keep your search radius 4 kilometers or less.

If you reside in an urban/suburban area, this radius will pay for several areas and apartment complexes.

Opt for the pet care tastes that you are most comfortable with. I really like that Rover provides this alternative because, without it, I would need to turn down a great deal more clients-pet owners.

rover profile

When a client is looking for a sitter and you also do not fit their creature, your profile won’t appear in the hunt.

Be very clear about what kind of customers you are seeking to choose.

Too many diminished booking requests will place you reduced in the search positions so that it’s much better to weed people out until they reach out for you.

Obtaining your Rover pet sitter profile to stick out at a sea of sitters could be achieved if you employ these guidelines.

By simply performing these 3 things, you will be ahead of 90 percent of those sitter profiles I encounter on Rover. The majority of the accounts that I see are badly done, with fuzzy photos and canned answers.

If you make your own profile, that’s the opportunity to advertise yourself!

rover profile

Emphasize your experience and why you would like to be a pet sitter. Make sure that you don’t seem cliche.

Hint: check the very best dog walkers’ profiles in your area to obtain inspiration.

The Rover Headline is just one of the very first things a possible client will see. It’s the bold name that stands out from the sitter search.

Try to steer clear of cliches like “know something about Jessica 17”, “enjoys animals” and “dog sitter fan.” It looks like every other sitter uses those and it will not force you to stand out.

Rather, take this chance to highlight your best strengths. Listed below are examples of Rover headlines That Actually stand out:

  • Sharing high-quality photos are the ideal method to catch the client’s interest.
  • This helps them picture you with pleasure by using their pets and leaves them more inclined to prepare a meet & greet.
  • Should you focus on other pets besides home dog boarding, make sure that you include images of you together. Cats, birds, reptiles, and fish are sitter markets you can distinguish yourself from.
  • Ask anybody you have pet care in the past to write you an overview. Rover has a means that you email visitors your sitter profile inspection link so that they may add their own inspection of your daycare.
  • The crucial thing is to ask individuals who’ll write a real review, not sound imitation or spammy.
  • Clients are more inclined to check at accounts with testimonials and specialist photos than with no that experience.

✅ Set your profile up here.

How Do You Keep Your Hunt Rank High By Your Very First Day About Rover?

This is actually the most commonly asked question that I get from fresh Rover pet sitters. With all these sitters on the app, it may seem impossible to get your profile noticed.

There are a couple of aspects that determine the position you’re put in a hunt.

I personally discuss my very best tips and secrets to receive your own Rover profile up on the peak of the sitter hunt for your customers quickly.


This standing variable you do not have a lot of control over. A dog walker is greater in the position if they reside closer to the client.

If you are further away, you’re going to be lower down to the search position.

This is only one of the simplest methods to bulge your dog walker profile into the top.

rover profile

Clients wish to locate sitters that they know can be found. There’s nothing more frustrating for someone searching for a pet sitter than keep being told “no” if the sitter’s profile claims they are readily available for daycare at some city.

Keep your calendar current. Every couple of days log in to affirm it’s current. This highlights your own pets care profile in the search results.

If a vacation is coming up, allow Rover to know you are available for care then too. There’s generally pop-up about forthcoming holidays that you reply to from the calendar area.

Rover will place this “Confirmed Availability” at the very top of your profile in case you have confirmed you are offered for a weekend or holiday.

So not only is the upgraded availability calendar forcing you to the very best, you are going to get one of those eye-catching pet profile badges.

rover profile

Clients contact you via Rover messaging. Possessing the app loaded on your mobile lets you be receptive to new clients, house visits, and have some issues.

The more responsive you’re, the higher position you’ll be. Rover will present your typical response time so that you don’t wish to drag the feet on return to people and be with their pets.

It’s GPS monitoring during your trip so the pet owner could see where you moved.

Duplicate Clients

In case you have repeat clients, this implies that you are enjoyed enough to be used.

In any case, your amount of repeat customers is displayed in your profile for pets services.

While Rover might not directly enhance your profile because of this, clients will stop and look at profiles of sitters that have a high number of repeat customers.

Allowing your clients to compose an overview of your pet services also gets you a higher ranking. It is a compounding impact.

rover profile

The more testimonials you have, the more probable new clients are to use one, which raises the amount of pet care reviews you’ve got.

Remember that the amount of celebrities things. If you simply have a couple of testimonials and are rated a 3 or 4-star sitter, it is going to be much more challenging to be selected over 5-star pet sitter profiles.

Possessing a top booking rate implies you are saying “yes” to all these clients contacting you. Rover would like to market receptive pet sitters to keep everybody (and their dogs, too) happy.

Below is my functionality score for Dog Walking (all rights reserved).

All these scores are personal so that your clients won’t find them but it is a fantastic snapshot of how I am doing. You may observe that overall I have not had a massive number of pet owners.

rover profile

I managed to locate two replicate clients who demand mid-day dog sitter walks throughout the week.

Some of the additional clients were just one time reservations that had been working late and wanted their dog walker to be allowed out.

This is my functionality dogs score for Drop-In Visits.

These visits are composed mainly of kitty sits or individuals with older dogs who just have to be let outside from the backyard.

I really don’t have a huge number of clients but I’ve managed to locate 4 clients who use my walks for vacations and business trips.

Can Rover Do Cat Sitting?

Yes, they all do! To discover a cat sitter on the sitter hunt, select either Drop-in Visits or Infection.

Then under Added Services, assess the Cat Care box.

If you are looking for a cat sitter, there’s a part at the Pet Sitting Preferences section of this sitter profile that asks in the event that you accept cats.

Toggle that to”yes” in case you want to include cats in your pet sitter activity.

Yes! While Rover is not’ only a kitty sitting app, you are able to create your profile to stand out with cats since your services specialization.

rover profile

Create your Sitter Profile Headline mentions you are a cat sitter, write your email address.

Write on your kitty sitting specialization at the Profile Description

Make sure your profile photos just have you using cats.

Beneath “Pet Preferences” does not have any dog breed information dimensions clicked, just the YES for accepting cats.

You will earn $20 cls PayPal only for setting up your own profile here and getting a cats or dogs sitter!

Can Rover Accept Pet Sitters For Different Animals such as Birds, Hamsters, And Lizards?

Yes, if you concentrate on caring for different types of animals, you may set a Rover pet care for this specialty and pet services.

Follow the very same steps as above together with your cat sitter profile however with your species of pet choice.

More technical pet sitters might need to do external marketing for strangers so as to assist gain clients not only with dogs.

rover profile

Rover supplies each pets sitter using a URL link to their profile which you may discuss on Craigslist and social websites (everyone have a browser, haven`t it?) to get the word out.

When there’s a local parrot group or reptile club, then providing them your name, experience, and profile connection might assist you few times in finding clients with animals and pets.

These include:

  • Being trusted
  • Reputable
  • Punctual
  • Great Customer Services Skills
  • Diplomatic
  • Care to detail
  • Understands creature behavior
  • Can work with some dog breed information
  • Patience
  • Have an organized life
  • Can operate in unpredictable scenarios with working breed
  • Gloomy becoming dirty and working out
  • Good giver
  • Always use litter boxes and take care of the environment
  • Loves dogs and pets!

Another very helpful qualification to possess is to become Pet sitter CPR Certified. This will offer your clients additional reassurance as you’re seeing their dogs and Jessica 17, too.

Additionally, it helps save your pet sitter’s life and provides you actionable abilities it is possible to hone.