Tips and opportunities how to make money shoplifting

In the following article, I’ll be showing you some cools tricks about how to shoplift expensive merchandise from almost any store without getting caught. The fear of anyone looking to make some fast bucks from shoplifting items from a store and reselling to get a lower or higher amount is that the anxiety of being caught. I’ve some cool ways I did it in the past so that I will show you. Whether you need an iPhone, a new LCD TV, a new Mac Notebook, or even an expensive Jacket for winter, then here are the perfect ways to steal them.

There is the last hurdle to cross for everyone reading this bit, which is, “what happens if you get caught in stores?” I have two tips for people:

  • Act like it was a mistake, and you also forgot to pay for it;
  • Pay for this if you are caught.

Whichever one you mean to do when you get caught would be good. However, my rule says “never get caught,” and it’s straightforward.

How to make money shoplifting: some tips for help

It’s only when you get careless that you are caught shoplifting expensive merchandise in local stores with few security cameras. So long as you’re still in the store, no one should know exactly what you’ve done. They might just know after you have left and moved away from the place.

If you want to be successful during and after shoplifting, then you have to use these strategies. Here are the hints for many people.

How to make money shoplifting: always go in Two’s

Having someone always to watch your own back through shoplifting is dope. If you go in only alone, you might not have the capability to steal something and also get things done. I advise you to go in two; while one of you does the shoplifting, another person distracts any watching eyes out of your own circle.

How to make money shoplifting: proceed for small, expensive items

I figure it is easier to steal a gold wristwatch compared to steal a 52-inches TV. Now that you know this, it is far better to target something you can readily conceal down your trousers and dashboard off the show-room than getting caught over something bogus.

How to make money shoplifting


When it comes to shoplifting expensive items, I suggest you make do with something tiny, small, but costly. You may even steal a diamond — if you come in contact with one and use other people.

How to make money shoplifting: scan your environment

To shoplift many expensive items means no one can see you during and after this procedure. Just before you steal and make a mistake, getting caught can get you 2-years in federal jail. So make sure that you leave no stone unturned while attempting to run your own show.

Check whether the store has a security guard Several store attendants Cameras. Make sure you check for anything that can or would implicate you throughout the exercise.

Don’t come in once together with your partner

I suppose many people want to make money stealing from stores, right? The first rule is, don’t come to the store together because you’ll attract attention. When you men have attracted attention, it would be tricky to carry out any heist successfully.

How to make money shoplifting: leave once eyes are on you

Once you’ve attracted attention, it’s time to say goodbye and leave. Don’t go together because you may be stopped for further interrogation — that may be awkward.

One person should exit the store, and also another pretends to be given a call and leave also. It becomes quite straightforward and effortless. So now you’ve got the best tips to steal new expensive items out of a store successfully, what are the ways to execute them and then sell stolen merchandise?

Here are a few of the many favorite ways I implemented mine when I was still living in Orlando in Florida in the United States of America. I had been a frequent visitor to Walmart, and that I got caught until I left Germany. It worked for me, therefore I guess it must work for you also. If you want to make money stealing from stores, then take those plans severe.

How to make money shoplifting

I had a warehouse of several goods I shoplifted from several stores across the US. Well, here are a few of my old and new plans.

Bear in mind, I made it crystal clear your target ought to be small items you could hide without attracting attention.

I often go for watches because this strategy works well for watches. After I find a watch that fits what I want, then I move ahead to purchase its replica. BTW, you might also make money from selling replicas — so shoplifters would patronize you.

The following day I see the store with a replica firmly wrapped around my hands. After I see the watch I need, I feign to test the first watch — then I strap it out and make a fast exchange and a stolen new thing.

What I eventually do like a customer is to replace the original watch with the replica and feign as I came together with all the first watch. Is not it look as straightforward as anything?

Exactly like the first strategy to shoplift expensive items from a clothes store, the refund policy scam practically works the identical way. This time around, you have to look out for stores with a refund policy. Remember that your replica has to be the exact match of the first — if not, you get busted.

So once you pay for the item you want, you take it all home. After a day, quickly call the sales rep and inform a person your item no longer works. Immediately head back to the store and provide stuff the spoilt replica — most times they do not bother to check — since someone immediately acts: replace it for you or refund you your money.

How to make money shoplifting

If they replace the item, it is possible to quickly sell at retail, and that is an ideal way for someone to make money by stealing things from stores.

Most amateur sales reps in an attempt to make a sale would be tempted to take a check. If you’re away from the phony check strategy, this is one of those scam formats to dupe people and get some problems with crime.

Now you will write a check for someone and produce the amount smaller than the item number you’ve bought. Then you proceed to pay the balance from your pockets. This will create the illusion that the check is real. If accepted, fast take your item and move out as quickly as possible. If rejected, try your luck somewhere else. Just make sure that what you’re buying is super expensive that needs you to present a check at retail.

P.S. Do not use your real name while filling out the check, write to someone else.

How to make money shoplifting: the fake bank transfer

If you’re in a location like Nigeria where bank transfers are used as means of payment, then should this job. I’ve outlined the way to send fraudulent bank transfers, so the procedure should work out just as excellent as I have explained.

How to make money shoplifting

The program for sending the fraudulent bank move is usually free, while another is rather expensive. So that you may decide to go to some of these. I would also want you to know that while making payments using the bank transfer method, you should be as confident as ever. But as soon as you suspect foul play, please move out as quickly as you can to avoid getting embarrassed or even arrested, because it`s a crime.

How to make money shoplifting: the distraction model

Only find anything to distract them from you, and that provides you ample opportunity to complete your assignment. Under no circumstance, if he is connected to you. That would usually blow your false cover and sell you away.

How to make money shoplifting: best options for Walmart and Target

You may think stealing stuff in the electronic equipment section is a sure-fire way to get the cops called on you, but it’s not! You’re able to take many things in the electronics without anyone even noticing you touched something!

Here is a quick rundown of the valuable items that don’t have security features most of the time. Flash drives and removable media, the ones over 16GB will usually be secured to the isle, but an Exacto knife fixes that: RRB, DVDs, and CDs, becoming less expensive as digital media take hold of the current market, people still buy them through network Adapters, the USB dongles that let you connect to WiFi, they are worth a pretty penny sometimes. Finally somewhat known one, pc games. Yes, the extremely expensive ones, like Diablo 3 can be taken without anyone knowing that you did anything wrong, I will explain this in a later blog post.

How to make money shoplifting

When you’ve got the items, the best thing to do to not raise suspicion will be to go get something you will purchase and carry that around with the item you aren’t buying. When you get the opportunity whenever you’re in a room or isle with no cameras, do what you need to do to make the item safe to take from the store and get away from this area as fast as you can without running or looking crazy.

Congratulations, you just stole something worth value and now you can sell it on craigslist or eBay for every person!

How to make money shoplifting: easy tips and tricks for never getting caught

Don’t act suspiciously around employees, when they see you or ask you questions, act like you know exactly why you are they and what you are looking for, asking them questions back makes it even less obvious you are there to steal things.

Don’t stare in cameras. When you’re looking for an isle to stash your loot, do not do fast and hard sudden movements, if you notice a camera in your peripheral vision, go somewhere else.

When the item you want even looks like there might be a security feature inside of it, either don’t touch it, or find a way to get it off or take the item from its packaging.

How to make money shoplifting

Do not fill your own pockets. If you go to a store with nothing in your pockets, it is going to look really weird with you coming out with things bulging out of them now. It is a dead giveaway.

Don’t follow the saying “Go big or go home”. Start off small in case you haven’t done this earlier, maybe collectors or toys cards or something less to begin with.

How to make money shoplifting: it is dangerous

Sell your shoplifted items to a fence. They will likely pay you some proportion of the retail dollar amount of the item or items. This opens you up to more risk nonetheless.

You could exploit stores with generous return policies. You only return the stolen items to the store. You may get cash, it’s a lot more likely you will get cash if you’re able to find a receipt of that same item that was bought with money. Or you may get gift cards store credit. It’s possible to sell the gift cards to others to get a discount that there are also plenty of shady pawnshops that will provide you 50 cents or so on the buck for the gift cards.

How to make money shoplifting

As has already been pointed out that you can just save money by stealing every item which you use rather than buying them.

Do not shoplift. A shoplifting conviction may be an enormous disadvantage when trying to find employees. No one wants to hire a thief. That is the major reason to not do it. Other than that it’s likely quite rewarding. The fines associated with misdemeanor shoplifting are reduced and odds are you will do 0 jail time. You mathematically will only get caught one from 49 times you do this, and will only be prosecuted 50 percent of the time. So you will have likely made far more money shoplifting afterward you’ll have paid in penalties for years. That is until you 3 strike. It’s honestly not worth it.

Shoplifting is the common criminal action of stealing goods out of a store while pretending to be a customer. It’s considered to be a form of theft and subject to prosecution.

How to make money shoplifting

Criminal theft involves taking ownership of property illegally without paying for this.

It entails taking the advantage of other hardworking people.

The stores need to buy equipment to prevent shoplifting and the customers have to pay for the items stolen therefore it could be replaced.

I never knew how much of a difficulty shoplifting caused.

How to make money shoplifting: conclusion

There are lots of ways to make cash by shoplifting, you just gotta find the right places. Like in Kohls, go there with a pair of scissors to cut the security sensor on the clothes that you desire a steal. They just drive down the street with all the clothes to another Kohl’s and let them know you want to return them. Kohls doesn’t ask for a receipt for returns, so this makes it much easier. You can also go to Walmart. Back in the electronic part of Walmart, in the match isle, they maintain numerous games out of the glass and on shelves. A few of them have a security box on these, but grab the ones without it.

Also, look around for those paper envelope CD case things and steal some of those to put the matches in and you then leave the instances behind. After you have taken the matches from their case, place them into the paper CD holders, and you’ve hidden them, walk from the Walmart. Also, make sure that the disc doesn’t have a security strip on it. Should it, just peel it off and then rub the part of the disk it was stuck to in your shirt to de-magnetize it. To be less suspicious, you should buy something on your ways out, like a beverage or chips.

How to make money shoplifting

Next, visit a GameStop or simply any game store that buys games. This is where you need the 18-year-old. Have whoever it’s using the ID go indoors to sell the games. If the place you’re wanting to sell them is right next to the Walmart you steal them out of, go somewhere else you dumbass. You can steal from that Walmart then visit the GameStop by the best buy at 45, or steal in the Walmart on 45 and sell to the GameStop on 2920. I don’t care how you can do it, but if you get caught don’t mention this site.

There are many other common ways to shoplift expensive items and never get caught. But make sure you follow the process. Whether you are aiming to shoplift at Walmart or any different retail store, the process is easy and straight ahead.

So keep the hustling moving and make money by stealing items from shops. No one would hold you down for that.

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