How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks?

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks? To get an entry-level part-time Starbucks job as a barista, you must be at least 16 years old. To be a shift supervisor as well as work full-time, you must go to least 18-years-old.

Despite which setting you contend a Starbucks, you are needed to offer, “famous customer service,” as well as ensure the store is a clean as well as comfy atmosphere.

If you get a Starbucks job, you are not an employee. Rather, they will certainly describe you as a, “partner.”.

How old do you have to be to work at Starbucks: 15 year old or more?

Since the minimum age to work at Starbucks must be at least 16, 15-year-olds can not work here. However we do have a web page on our website especially for 15-year-olds that you can check out instead.

Can a least 16 Years old work at Starbucks?

The minimum age to work at Starbucks as a barista is 16, so 16-year-olds can work there. We additionally have a page on our internet site specifically for 16-year-olds that you can view for more options.

How much does Starbucks pay part-time workers?

The hourly earnings for employees at Starbucks differ because of state as well as city minimum wage laws. We can give you a general idea of what the hourly pay is for every placement. Starbucks prides themselves on offering competitive pay, exceptional benefits, and also an inviting setting for all of their employees.

Teen jobs at Starbucks and age requirements

Barista (Hourly)

As a barista at Starbucks, your job is to advertise the society, values, as well as mission of the company while preserving a calm temperament throughout busy shifts. You must deliver legendary customer service while offering top quality drinks and also food products quickly to customers.

You must also maintain a clean as well as comfy store, as well as act according to Starbucks directing principles. You have to meet the store requirements for cash handling, store safety, and item high quality.

16 years old is a minimum age to work at Starbucks as a barista.

As a barista at Starbucks, you will certainly be making someplace between base pay and also $15 per hr. If you are being available in at entry-level with no previous experience, then you will most likely start out around $8 an hour.

The typical hourly rate for a Starbucks barista is $9.

Shift Supervisor (Hourly)

Being a shift supervisor at Starbucks calls for a minimum of one year of experience in a retail or restaurant environment. You will certainly be helping the store manager in carrying out store operations throughout arranged shifts.

how old do you have to be to work at starbucks


You will certainly pass on tasks so every customer gets the Starbucks experience, as well as you will model as well as act according to Starbucks guiding principles.

A few of your duties will certainly include assisting with training of new baristas as well as giving responses of their performance to store management, adding to a favorable team atmosphere by observing changes in morale and performance, mentoring baristas in a favorable group atmosphere, as well as implementing all store operations throughout a set up shift.You must also follow cash money management as well as cash register policies, provide high quality drinks, as well as supply food to customers.

To work at Starbucks as a shift supervisor , you must go to least 18 years of ages.

The price of pay for shift supervisors is between $9 to $18 a hr. This placement does call for a minimum of one year of retail or restaurant experience, so you can discuss your wage based upon your experience and skill level.

The average hourly price for a Starbucks shift supervisor is $12.

How Much Experience Do You Need to Work at Starbucks?

Starbucks is an entry-level friendly company, so you can relate to be a barista without any prior experience as well as get employed. Nevertheless, if you have some work experience, it can get you a higher hourly pay rate and move you quicker into managerial as well as management positions.

What Should You Wear to a Job Interview at Starbucks?

Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee bar in the world, so when you appear for your interview, you will certainly wish to look wonderful and also be worn company informal attire. Think about something like a buttoned-down t shirt with wonderful pants and also dress shoes. You do not intend to turn up too casual in a t-shirt and denims.

They motivate their workers to display their personal style, so you aren’t needed to clothe cautiously or in standard organization clothing. But, you want to see to it your clothing are tidy and pushed.

Starbucks Interview Questions

The feasible questions in a job interview are countless, and also it always relies on the interviewer. Yet, there are some typical questions that they frequently ask. At a Starbucks interview, you will chat with at the very least one manager. Here are some questions that they have been understood to ask.

How do you approach resolving a conflict?

Why are they asking?

Starbucks has a very details brand name as well as culture based on getting in touch with their customers and also providing fantastic customer service. Nevertheless, they do know that there will be times when dispute emerges, either between you and one more employee or with an unhappy customer.


work at starbucks

What’s the ideal answer at Starbucks?

The job interviewer wants to listen to that you deal with conflict with communication. Speaking things out is always the best means, however you intend to remain tranquil and also never raise your voice at a customer or a colleague.

If you face a conflict with a customer, you want to inform the recruiter that you will chat with them to attempt to repair it the most effective way you can, or you will find a manager to aid you deal with the issue.

Can you give examples of exceeding as well as beyond with your customer service?

Why are they asking?

If you are requesting a shift supervisor placement, after that you will certainly already have some work experience. They are asking you this to figure out what experiences you have with giving superb customer service at a previous job.

What’s the ideal answer at Starbucks?

There is no wrong solution to this concern. If you have an instance from a previous job that works well, after that tell the story. If you do not have any work experience, that’s all right as well. Simply let them know that you do not have any examples or background to share, however you agree to find out and also you have the appropriate individuality and work values for helping customers.

Benefits of working at Starbucks

Companions that work at Starbucks get a thirty percent discount rate on items, complimentary drinks while on the clock, and also a cost-free extra pound of coffee each week. Unlike a lot of various other firms, they offer insurance benefits to part-time workers. Various other benefits are limited to permanent partners.

work at starbucks

Benefits of Starbucks include:

  • Paid pause and paid ill days.
  • Efficiency Rewards.
  • Trip.
  • 401K, Pension, and Stock Options.
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance coverage.
  • Temporary handicap.
  • Tuition Compensation.
  • Armed forces Leave.
  • Volunteer Time Off.