‘Tis the season to start considering best gifts for preschoolers. While I am of the view that kids do not require an overwhelming number of gifts, I like options! That is why I compiled this listing of the best gifts for preschoolers. Some are smaller things, together with others as”large ticket” items. They may be given separately or put together in gift collections to your kids! Being the list-maker that I’m, I broke the gift ideas down by class!

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Art themed best gifts for preschoolers

Liquid Watercolors – gifts for preschoolers

Liquid watercolors, how I love thee! They are amazing to paint , and they are ideal for dyeing unfinished timber. I love Discount School Supply’s liquid watercolors, in addition to Sargent’s. By far my favourite will be these glitter liquid watercolors, however!

Glitter Paints

My preschool pupils are in love with all our washable glitter paints at the moment. They’ve created murals, person paintings, glitterific pumpkins, and a lot more. And it is only November! Glittery craft paint may also be located HERE and HERE.

Dot Paints

These are fun to use while researching pointillism, which makes dot name art, or everywhere, really. They have been a staple in my classroom and house for years now. They are sometimes located on Amazon, Discount School Supply, or even in local craft stores.

gifts for preschoolers

Collage Materials

Preschoolers love to create and paste with various materials. Not only can it be engaging and creative, but in addition, it functions on fine motor skills. A few of the kids’ favourite collage materials comprise craft stone , googly eyes, foam decals , building paper, and pompoms.

Blank Canvases

There is just something about producing art in a canvas which makes it”real” to the kidds. Canvases are discovered at black, white, thin, and conventional styles. I love that a selection of sizes can be found, from 3×3 to 8×10 into 18×24 and outside!

Art Easels

Having a location to create is vital for a preschool artist, even if it’s the kitchen table. When there’s space for this, however, an artist’s easel will be well-loved! Additionally, there are double-sided easels, four-sided easels, and wall easels for unique households and classrooms.

Craft Tapes

I truly ought to purchase inventory in tape. It’s a constant”winner” when it comes to my students’ favorite art equipment! Tape may be used for withstand projects, to include some flair when displaying art, and in the spotlight of a child’s artistic masterpiece. Some favorite tapes comprise vibrant masking tape, washi tape, and patterned craft tape. If your artist is so likely, a multi-tape mill are a fantastic addition too.

Play Dough

Play dough can be reached in the home with the kids, so building a play dough-making kit may be a terrific idea! There is also the conventional PlayDoh, glitter dough, and basic play with dough to buy. Cookie cutters and play dough kits will be fun gifts to include along with the play dough.

Art Sets

There are a few superb art sets on the market, full of just a small amount of what small artists may utilize. Have a look at this drawing kit that comes in its own wooden case, a giant art jar full of goodies, and a Spirograph collection I may or might not be coveting for myself. You could also create an art set by yourself and fill it with things your artist loves!


Another basic in our art centre is some variant on beads! Perler beads, classic sew beads, and cut straws are fantastic for creating and pruning! Wooden beads and decoration beads always appear to be a hit, too. Pair with a pipe cleaners or series to get a home made beading kit.

Gifts for your math-loving child

Unifix Cubes

All these vibrant, stackable cubes are so flexible! My students use these to create patterns, quantify items, work on counting, etc..


Even though dominoes are usually considered as a fun game, they can readily be utilized for a number of preschool math tasks. We have used them for sorting, counting, subitizing, and improvement activities previously.


Some kids simply love amounts in every shape and form! Magnetic numbers, lacing number cards, and easy amount puzzles are a hit together.

Pattern Blocks

We constantly have pattern blocks within our mathematics centre! Kids can utilize them to form by shape and colour, to assemble with, and also to create cool layouts. You will find beginner routine block mystery so for kids just starting out, in addition to a wide variety of design block cards with fun designs.best gifts for preschoolers


I’ve a recycled icing container filled with dice in my classroom — no, I am not kidding. Those dice receive a whole lot of use! We use these to play with dice games, like additional subitizing tasks, for silly games, etc.. The kidds use them for made-up games which they understand the principles for! These days, dice come in a zillion different connotations — classic dice, brilliant dice, big foam dice, wooden dice, form dice, numeral dice, etc.. You may even make your very own dice using little wooden cubes in case your small mathematician would like that!


Ok, I acknowledge that the kids love a fantastic geoboard. We have made our very own with a classic corkboard, and we have turned pumpkins and trees into exceptional geoboards too. Should you go that path, you may earn a geoboard kit utilizing polyurethane shapes, golf tees or pushpins, and rubber bands. Additionally, there are store-bought geoboards the kids love, of course — conventional single-sided, double-sided, transparent , and colorful transparent geoboards.

Math Games

Just about any fun game could be thought of a math game in case you can find numbers, counting, shapes, or routines involved! Some to check out — Amount Swamp, Sequence Numbers, and Number Bingo.

Math Books

Do not forget about the numerous books out there that teach preschool math theories! Pop over and check out “Math About Us” series, One Hundred Hungry Ants, Ten Black Dots, and Mouse Count.

Measuring Sets

Children who love massaging, measuring, and scooping would love a measuring pair for Christmas! Traditional measuring cups and measuring spoons are a choice, as are kid-oriented pour and measure sets. Additional ideas to consider are measuring tapes, conventional sand timers, digital timers, scales, and an all-purpose dimension set.

Gifts for preschool scientists

Eye Droppers

Eye droppers may be used for science experiments, art, water play, and fine motor actions. Additionally, the kids just love them. There are some varieties to select from — conventional eye droppers, squiggly droppers, and bigger eye droppers.


When contemplating science gifts for preschoolers, you can not fail with magnets! Magnet kits, horseshoe magnets, magnet wands, magnetic marbles, and magnetic detection boards would certainly fit the bill.

Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses allow the kids have a better look at what is happening! Large magnifying glasses, little glasses, and just a tripod magnifier are choices.

Light Boxes

I have a few little, homemade light boxes, and they’re such fun! Maybe your small scientist could delight in making herself? Additionally, there are store-bought selections like an LED light panel, table-top light table, or a standalone variant.

best gifts for preschoolers


I really don’t have one eternally from the classroom, however, a friend is letting us borrow one of hers to get the month. The kids and I’m eager to do so! In scoping out them, I have encounter a starter microscope, in addition to a child’s microscope kit, and a “speaking” microscope.

Acrylic Specimens

Actual life plants and creatures encased in oil consistently go over well in my classroom science centre! Butterflies, “frightening” bugs, and below the sea places are fodder for small scientific minds.

Science Kits

According to your child’s particular interests, you could put together your science kit! If you would rather buy one , here are a couple of hints — “The Curious Kid’s Science Book” science kit, The Magic School Bus’ Chemistry Laboratory , and also the Learning Resources’ Main Science Laboratory Kit.

Science Books

Do not overlook the science publications! Proceed to the bookstore and select a few according to the subjects that your kiddo is considering. Some to think about — National Geographic’s Small Kids First Big Book of Why, The First Human Body Encyclopedia, and The Five Senses paperbacks.

Living Matters

This sounds like a terrifying class, does not it? I simply couldn’t speak about mathematics gifts for preschoolers without indicating that a butterfly raising kit or even a ant farm!

Snap Circuits

Seriously awesome way for children to explore power! They are offered in various ability levels, but you realize you are child best. Take a look at the Snap Circuits, Jr. or the basic Snap Circuits Discovery Kit.

Literacy-themed gifts for preschoolers

Magnetic Letters

My preschool pupils loooooove to utilize magnetic letters! You will find uppercase models , in addition to lowercase letters, wooden magnetic letters, and sometimes even enormous magnetic letters to select from.

Finger Puppets

Retelling stories, or making up stories, is much more fun with finger puppets! They encourage language and fine motor skills in a really hands free, fun manner! A few tips — Goldilocks and the 3 Bears puppets, The 3 Little Pigs, and also the “tell a story” glove with five collections of puppets.

White Boards

White boards are super easy, but they behave as a blank canvas for kids to compose and create! Catch a few plain white planks , lined white planks, or one with room and lines to get a drawing. Do not forget white board markers and erasers!


Journals may come in all shapes and sizes. Create your own using easy pocket paper and folders, or operate from the bookstore and select one that your child will love. You will find design-your-own newspapers , embossed journals, and basic writing journals on the market. All just waiting to carry stories and drawings!

kids love


I love that all these come in all shapes and sizes today! There is the conventional Magnadoodle, smaller ones, and sometimes even Magnadoodles with magnetic”stamps” for the kids!

Fun Pens and Pencils

Pop to a nearby office supply store and pick up some fun pens and pens for your little author! Gel pens, glittery pens, and multi-color pens are certain to inspire!


Some games your literacy-minded kids may like are alphabet button bingo, small word puzzles, and charades for kids. Obviously, almost any


I can not forget puzzles when I am referring to literacy gifts for preschoolers! Alphabet flooring puzzles, book-themed puzzles, and wooden decoration puzzles are always a hit with my pre-k students.

So Many Books

You simply can’t go wrong with books as a gift, in my view! Go outside and find some books according to your child’s favorite stories! Some my preschool students love are While Mama Had a Quick Little Chat, What! Cried Granny: An Almost Bedtime Story, as well as Sing and Dance on Your Polka Dot Pants.

Magazine Subscriptions

This is a fun idea for a gift — publications delivered to your residence along with your child’s name on these! Below are a few chances for you to peruse — National Geographic’s Small Kids, Ranger Rick Jr.. , also Zooties.

Fine motor skills for the contractors on your life

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles really are excellent gifts for preschoolers who love to build in 3 dimensions! We’ve got a couple collections of Picasso Tiles, also that I only have good things to say about these. Other options include Magna-Tiles, MagFormers, and Magnetic Stick and Stack tiles.

5 Classic Building Toys that Last

These 5 construction toys have been kicking around our house for more than 5 years now! They have grown together with my son, and that he uses them on a nearly weekly basis!

Non-Traditional Blocks

I love to see children building blocks which are not very conventional! Below are a few ideas to test out — KORXX cork blocks, WEDGITS, Four Components building collection , and CitiBlocs.

Marble Runs

You could collect a design-it-yourself kit with cardboard tubes, tape, and such! On the store-bought front, below are a few ideas — classic wooden pair , vibrant 100-piece collection , and a Marble Run Coaster.

Construction Sets

There are many construction sets on the market! Have a look and select what your kiddo may be the most curious about. Listed below are some tips to start you off — the ZOOB building set, build-a-fort place , and also the master carpenter project place .


Yet another fun, open-ended construction toy is really a gear collection! There’s a motorized equipment set, a build-and-bloom set, as well as also the original gears place we’ve got at school.

Pretend play gifts for preschoolers

Cash Registers

Oh my term, however, the cash register is practically always the store of their house centre! It gives numerous pretend play chances, and also the kids simply love pressing on the buttons. It’s possible to come across some options here, here, and here.

Doll Houses

There are numerous doll houses out there to select from. Have a peek at the deluxe wooden dollhouse, a fold-and-go dollhouse, and a “hi-rise” dollhouse. Do not neglect to look at a firehouse or even a castle, also!

Kitchen Cabinets

In case you have room, a kitchen setup is excellent for preschoolers. You could make your own with cardboard or wood boxes, and you will find a number of store-bought choices to select from — deluxe play kitchen, uptown espresso kitchen, and walk-in kitchen and grill place.

Pretend Play Food

Use believed to create your child some pretend play food, in case you are into crafts. You might even have a peek at what is offered in stores. Some of our beloved store-bought items would be the sushi kit, cupcake rack and sweet , and slice and bake cookie collection .

Shopping Carts

There is nothing about a kid-sized cart! You may have a look at some here and here.

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Dress Up Clothes

I love to pick up dress-up garments right after Halloween to find the best prices. Family members that are able to sew a sewing machine may also make their own variations. And there is nothing like allowing the kiddos have any of mom’s or dad’s clothing to dress ! Additionally, there are many costume ideas on the market — career costumes, tutu collection, along with an astronaut costume.

Kitchen Cabinets

These make amazing gifts for preschoolers who prefer to play house. Coffee machines, stand frames , toasters, and blenders are certain to be a hit!


Puppets are a great way for children to tell stories and play pretend. You could build a make-it-yourself puppet kit with sensed, googly eyes, markers, and brown bags. Otherwise, have a look at a number of the fun puppets — creature puppets, farm animal puppets, and zoo puppets.

Career Sets

These are ideal gifts for preschoolers who prefer to emulate unique jobs! A doctor/nurse’s kit is useful during pretend emergencies, and also a instrument kit helps fix things around the house.

People and Animals

Little creatures and people are fantastic for pretend play, also. Children can create modest worlds and inform all sorts of stories together! Here are a few to start looking into — wooden folks , little insects, career individuals , and jungle creatures .

Now that you have looked through this colossal collection of the BEST gifts for preschoolers, have I missed anything?

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