Hi, everyone!

After much consideration, I finally decided to start this blog. I hope that my knowledge about money will be useful to other people.


As a child, I did not want much: an ice cream, a new sled, then a phone. My parents gave me everything they could. Even then, I understood that other people earn more and can afford better things. I also wanted me and my family to have a better life.

Luckily, I escaped bad company at school. Instead of drinking alcohol (yes, I did tried some beer in high school but wasn’t into it), smoking cigarettes and other stuff I helped my parents about the house, trained a little and… studied a lot and hard. I understood that study and self-development is the only chance for a country boy like me to rise above the crowd.


I don’t know what time period is correct, according to science, but I guess for me youth started with the serious illness of my dad. It was me and my mom against the world. From food, heating to repairs and purchase of furniture.

Moreover, it was time to go to university. I was scared not to get a state-funded place because the tuition fees were quite high. My intensive preparation for exams lasted for 8 months. I got a state-funded place in all 5 universities where I applied. But I had to help my parents; therefore it was decided by me and my mother that I will study close to home, in today’s ZUNU. At this university, I got an accountant degree, participated in all-Ukrainian Olympiad in my specialty and was the head of the Student scientific community.

As a student, I decided to start earning money because the scholarship was not enough. When I turned 18, I tried network marketing. It gave me experience but no money… I was shy to speak with other people, and lacked confidence.


After my 2d year, I started to work at a warehouse. The truth is, lifting bags of sugar that weigh almost as much as you do isn’t much fun… After 4.5 days (exactly days, that’s not a mistake) I decided that my health is above wealth and quit this job.

Already in the 3rd year, I finally decided that I would use my head. Of course, I wanted to have a free schedule. After a couple failed attempts, I finally found an Advego content exchange market, where I worked as a copywriter for 3.5 years.  At the same time, I wrote texts directly for websites.

In my 4th-5th years at the university, I continued to develop. I took a cryptocurrency course, trained at an audit company in Ternopol for several months and improved English for 2 years.

Today and tomorrow

I am now in my second year of postgraduate study at the same university. I have been working in accounting consulting for almost 3 years and actively searching directions for extra earning. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket, right? I’m also into football, psychology books and helping my parents out around the house.

But most of all I like to plan my time and money. Perhaps my experience will be useful to you, dear reader.

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I wish you all the best of health, strong relationship and, of course to get more money.