101 fun things to do when you`re broke

Having fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

But, that is the trap, we find ourselves in. We believe that in order to have fun, you must spend money.

However, we are going to debunk that myth.

It is possible to have fun without spending money. This is something my family does ALL-THE-TIME. There are plenty of places to go when you have no money. There is so much available in our society to explore that you never get bored or run out of ideas. And your wallet and bank account will thank you!

If you are looking for fun things to do with friends or fun things to do with kids, your boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, spouse, or anyone in your life, this list is for you!

You will find plenty of activities to do at home, at night, or near you.

Plus the best part… we have tons of memories and experiences from these no money activities ideas!

Today, you will get a glimpse into how you can live differently with your money. Show you fun things to do when you’re broke. Maybe you’re not broke, but choosing to live a frugal lifestyle like us. Either way, you will save money along the way that you can use for something else.

We have found plenty of things to do without spending money.

Today, you are going to learn our fun stuff to do without money.

things to do when you re broke

What Can You Do Without Money?

Honestly, a whole lot.

There are so many free activities available today. You just need to put on a different perspective than the urge to spend money. These no money activities will keep your hard-earned cash in your hands and then you can use it towards your money goal. That is a win! Actually a HUGE WIN!

The question is… are you willing to try something new? In this case, something new would be a money free weekend or maybe a no spend month.

There are so many free fun things to do available to us, but we opt to spend money because that is the natural society habit. Whatever your reason for finding fun things to do that don’t cost money, you are in the right place.

We are going to cover an extensive list of things to do instead of spending money. 

This will make your no spend challenge easier or just a desire to save more money to reach your money goals.

Without further ado, let’s cover the 75 plus things to do with no money.

Fun Things To Do With No Money

We are going to dive into plenty of things to do instead of spending money. This list might surprise you at how much is available for free.

1. Call a Friend: Back in the day, we spent many hours on the phone just talking with our friends. (Hint: like hours on end talking). Pick up the phone and call your friends. I am pretty sure you will come up with another fun thing to do next.

2. Bucket List: This is a must have for everyone! Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do? Use timeframes to help create your list – one month, one year, three years, five years, 10 years, 20 years. Or in your lifetime? Don’t be worried if some of these ideas on your bucket list cost money. That will be figure out later. It doesn’t cost any money to make your list.

3. Head to your Local Library: This is the best way to begin a frugal lifestyle. Libraries are jammed pack with free things – books, musics, videos, games, or events. Plus you can find options for physical items as well as digital versions. Many libraries now have maker spaces, interaction labs, and kid play areas. These STEM spaces are available to further your creativity and not to spend money on the equipment. Check to see if your library offers 3D printing!

4. Local Events Calendar: Hello free activities! Every city will offer some local activities throughout the year. Just mark your calendar. Grab a few friends for local fun.

5. Explore Like a Tourist: Have you explored your own city the way you would if you were traveling? More than likely not. There are so many no money activities available. Just grab a tourist guide and start exploring.

6. Geocaching: Join in on the world’s largest scavenger hunt. It is easy to participate and a free activity. The goal is to catch hidden caches using GPS coordinates. All you need is a smartphone or a GPS device to participate. Time to find your next treasure!

7. Volunteer: Have you a passion? Then, find a local charity where you can volunteer. There are plenty of great organizations that are always looking for additional help to reach and help

8. Games: This is a favorite in our house. Each Sunday, you can find us playing games. Whether a card game, dominos, or board game, the options are endless. This is a class thing to do with friends and family.

9. Get Outside: We are blessed to live in such unique and beautiful areas. Yet, we barely manage to step foot outside. As a family, this is one of the best ways we save money. Probably tops my list of the best frugal living tips. The world is full of free things to do and explore!

10 Start a Club: Remember your favorite after school club from elementary school? What was your favorite part about it? More than likely, it was about connecting with your friends with the same interests and spending time together. The same concept just as adults. Dedicated time to spend with your friends with same interests. There are plenty of clubs that you can start. Here are some ideas: reading club, sewing club, cooking club, fishing clubs, mom and tots club, etc.

11. Explore the Outdoors: Fresh air is amazing for our bodies. Plus our world is filled with no money activities to do. Get outside,  explore and see your surroundings in a fresh perspective. You don’t need a ton of fancy equipment that comes to mind when wanting to explore nature. Just head outside and follow where you feet take you.

12. We Got No Money Party: Gather some friends and have them over for the night. The only ground rules is they can only bring food and drinks from their house. Same goes for games and other fun activities.

13. Teach Others about your Hobby: What is your passion? Teach others about your favorite hobby. Who knows… maybe you can turn it into a side hustle and earn extra cash.

14. Scavenger Hunt: Kids love scavenger hunts and guess what… inside every adult is someone who loves a good scavenger hunt. Plenty of free scavenger hunt ideas with a little google search.

15. People Watch: This is probably one of my favorite money free activities to do when bored and especially at IKEA. Just head to any local place and people watch. Many times it is better than TV sitcoms. Grab a friend and you can create stories to attach to those you are observing.

16. Puzzles: When is the last time you have taken on a puzzle? Research shows it is one of the best things we can do to slow aging and diseases like Alzheimer’s. More than likely, you don’t have an extra puzzle laying around. Ask to borrow some from friends. Also, you can get ones for free on Next-door or Buy Nothing Facebook groups.

17. Local Festivals or Events: Once again, there are so many free activities. Check out your local area for weekend activities. Bonus hint: pack your own food and snacks so you aren’t tempted to spend money with the food vendors.

18. Museums and Zoos: Many of the smaller museums and zoos are free entry. To check out the major museums and zoos, check their website to see when they offer free days. Most local cities are required to offer so many free days in order to get funding from the city. Another way to get free admission is with your credit card, business affiliation, or college affiliation.

19. Free Tours: These are places to go when you have no money especially in a big city. The options are endless on the types of businesses in the area. Some free tours include: U.S. Mint, candy factories, capital building, parks, brewery tours, etc. The list can be endless when finding free tours.

20. Apple Classes: Want to learn how to use your phone and be more productive? Need to cap your kid’s time on their devices? Want to learn how to take better pictures with your iPhone? You can do that in one of the many classes. Look for classes near you.

21. Pinterest Party: Let’s face it… We pin a lot of things that we want to do. Recipes we want to cook. Desserts to book. Crafts to make. Skills to learn. Time to brush off those Pin

terest boards and find something to do.

22. Movie Marathon: Time to sit back and enjoy all of your favorite movies! If you don’t already have cable or Netflix, then you can still do this without spending money. Start a free trial (just make sure to cancel it), head to the local library, or swap movies with friends.

23. Learn a New Skill: Another productive way to use your spare time is learning a new skill. With learning, the options are endless. With the library and YouTube, it is easy to learn new skills without paying for lessons. The new skill I want to learn is how to play the drums. What is the new skill you want to learn?

24. Figure Out Your Net Worth: You have to start somewhere (even if it is negative). Use a free tool like Personal Capital or MoneySpire to do the hard work for you.

25. Go for a Walk or Run: This is the ultimate no money activity. Grab your shoes and head outside to clear your head. The fresh air will do wonders and doesn’t cost a thing. Maybe this is the time to challenge yourself for that 5K or half marathon?

26. Go Hiking: Find a local hiking trail. Before you go, make sure you have water and some sunscreen.

27. Go for a Bike Ride: For those that own a bike, it would be time to dust it off and go for a bike ride. This is a great way to exercise without a gym membership. Plus, if you are spender on the way home from work, then look at commuting on your bike to avoid temptations. For me, personally, I enjoyed cycling so much that is made sense to upgrade my road bike. There may be a small cost to maintain a cycling lifestyle, but it brings hours of exercise and I am too tired to do anything later.

28. Make a Meal: The caveat is you can only use ingredients that you have currently in your house. No running to the store and spending money. Create a meal from what you have available.

29. Go on a Picnic: This is a favorite in our house! Change up your lunch or dinner by eating in a different location. Load uptake food, choose a spot, and go! You can go on foot, on bike, or take a little trip by car. Either way you have to eat!

30. Write a Letter: When is the last time you wrote a letter? Not an email, text, or social media post. An actual letter that can be given to someone or mailed for a tiny price. Another great idea is to write a letter to someone to open at a future date. Some examples include: to your kids on the 16th birthday or when they get married.

31. Swap Items:  This is one of the best ways to no spend money and get something in return!! Go shopping through someone else’s stuff and swap. You can get create a host a swap party for items like clothing, toys, games, kitchen supplies, home decor, books, tools, etc. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This is something that you can do in person or online.

32. Birdwatch: Never been bird watching? Then, grab a bird watching book from your local library to make sure you can tell the birds apart and learn a few new facts.

33. Pick up a Book: What do you prefer – fiction or nonfiction? There are plenty of books to keep you entertained for hours. Also, you could ask a friend to read the same book and then plan a time to discuss. If you local library doesn’t offer what you are looking for, then start a free trial of Kindle Unlimited.

34. Check Out a Local Gym: Almost all gyms want people to check out their place. Many will offer a free class or up to a free week.  Try out a new spin class, yoga class, pilates class, or CrossFit. There are so many gyms popping up on every block that this can keep you busy and fit for a couple of months.

35. Photography: We all know that we have one of the best cameras at our disposal, but do you use the camera in your phone to the best of its ability. You can fiddle around with it, check out some YouTube channels, or head to the Apple store for a free class.

36. Photo Shoot: I stopped buying professional pictures of my kids a long time ago. There wasn’t a point to spend the extra money because as a parent I seriously have taken thousands (if not hundred of thousands) pictures of them. And we have save tons of money over the years especially on sports and team photos.

37. Slideshows: Now, that we tons of photos… what should we do with them? Turn them into a slideshow or some other digital way to view your photos.

38. Nature Walks: These type of walks have a purpose. To explore and realize the nature around you. Typically, in our house, the goal is to find 10 different types of objects (smooth, rough, prickly, big, small, etc) or look for something with the same characteristic (like various rocks). The list of types of nature walks you can come up with is endless.

39. Go Sightseeing: There are so many beautiful places to look at in our cities. You can head up to the mountains, the beach, or even urban areas. Don’t forget your camera!!

40. Clean Your House: Really? This has to go on the list of ways to spend weekends with no spend money?!?! But, what a great way to spend your time especially when bored. Plus you will have something to show for your elbow grease and hard work.

41. Projects You Put Off: Raise your hand if you can think of a project or two (or ten) that you have put off. When you don’t want to spend money, it is a great time to dust off that list and dig in.

42. Make a Budget: If you are broke or struggling with no money, then it is time for a budget. A budget isn’t meant to be constricting. It is designed to help you spend money the way you want to. Manage your money ahead of time. Learn how to make a budget.

43. Take Surveys for Money: Have spare time, then make some extra money by taking surveys. One of the easiest things to do and not spend money. The best surveys to do include:

  • RewardSurvey
  • Survey Junkie
  • LifePoints
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Vindale Research
  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • RewardSurvey

44. Declutter: This is one of my favorite things to do, but also one of the hardest. Why? I realize all of the money I spend on wasteful items that we don’t even use in the house. Many were impulse purchases or out of boredom. Then, it is hard for my to declutter and get rid of the items because of wasted money. However, living with less stuff means more meaningful time on things that matter.

45. Dive into Basement Storage: You could be doing one of two things. Cleaning out the basement area and getting rid of the unnecessary stuff burdening your life. Or pull out some of your favorite treasures and find a way to use them.

46. Clear Out Garage: This one makes me cringe, too! A great way to make productive use of your time on a no spend day is to clean out the garage. Clean out the unnecessary items and organize what is left. That way you can find a screwdriver the first time you look.

47. Neighborhood Cleanup: Since we are in the cleaning mood, let’s spread out to your local neighborhood. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends. With just a trash bag, you can leave a beautiful area for many to enjoy.

48. Redecorate a Room: What is more fun than a refreshed space? This is easy to do when changing out seasonal decor. Or just move the furniture around to create a whole new look. We did that with our dining room table direction and people would always think we did something massive!

49. Take a Nap: Who doesn’t want a nap (except for that young child that needs a nap)? Take care of yourself and take a step back from the busy-ness of life. Nap time is a special treat. Plus you can’t spend money when you are sleeping!

50. Video Gamer Competition:  You can get free games through your library or with a free trial Twitch. Just make sure to grab a friend to join you for a little bit of people socialization.

51. Playgrounds: Head to the local playground and run around crazy after your kids. Play tag and you will wish you had all of the energy they do! Change things up and find a new playground to check out.

52. Dump Debt: I always felt broke when I was in debt. If I spent money, I felt guilty about it. Figure out your debt free date and learn how to pay off debt faster. Use an app called Tally to help you overcome your debt.

53. Play Chess: This is a classic game that everyone should learn how to play. Plus it is one of the best free no money activities. Many cities have full size chess pieces in local parks that make playing that much more fun!

54. Watch a Documentary: This is spare time well spent. A documentary will open your eyes to various views and perspectives. This is a productive use of your time.

55. Dance Party: This is always a hit especially with kids. You don’t need to worry about where to go when you have no money. You can bring the party to you! There are so many free ways to listen to tunes and no money spent for moving your body.

56. Delete Unused Apps: Take a few moments and delete any unused apps off your phone. This will help improve phone efficiency.

57. Art Supplies: Gather up all of the art supplies and see what type of creations you can make with stuff that you already have. Double bonus if you create some gifts, too!

58. Cancel Unused Subscriptions: When you are broke need things to do, then look at what you spend money on but don’t use. This is a great money saving tip! Use a service like Trim, Paribus, or ClarityMoney to help you.

59. Daydream Life without Debt: Okay, one of the top reasons people are broke is because of debt. We were in that situation too. I would always daydream about life without debt. And then it happened! Read more about our story on why we became debt free. Now, you can start to daydream about life without debt, too!

60. Listen to Podcasts: This is a great way to increase your knowledge around a certain subject or topic. Find your favorite podcast.

61. Post Skills & Make Money: Do you have a specialized skill or service that you can offer? You can post your skills and services on NextDoor, TaskRabbit, or Fiverr. It could be something as simple as shoveling walks or raking leaves.

62. Make Extra Money: One of the beset things to do instead of spending money is to be making money. There are plenty of ways to keep you entertained and not bored.

63. Feed the Ducks: Okay, well today, you aren’t allowed to feed the ducks. But, they are interesting creatures to watch and keep you entertained. But, this is some where to go when you have no money

64. Memory Lane: Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Pull out old photo books, find your keepsake box, scroll to the of your pictures and videos. Grab some Kleenex and take a walk down memory lane.

65. Visit a Nursing Home: Looking where to go when you have no money? Then, look no further than the closest nursing home. Their residents are always looking for people to interact with. After striking up a conversation or two, you will walk away with golden nuggets of life lessons and a chance to learn from their mistakes.

66. Mediation: We are constantly on the go. When is the last time, you were just still. Take time and meditate. Start with mindfulness meditation. This is when you learn to pay attention to your breath as it goes in and out. Clear you mind.

67. Meal Plan: This one is a productive use of time plus will save you money over the next week. Use this money saving tip and learn how to meal plan like a pro.

68. Try a Free Budgeting App: This is a great time to stop living paycheck to paycheck and truly figure out where you spend money. Here are some great budgeting apps:

  • Personal Capital
  • Digit
  • Honey Money
  • Pocket Smith
  • Empower Finance
  • MoneySpire

69. Set Goals: When you are asking yourself, “How can I spend weekends with no money?” Start by setting goals. Without an idea of where you go in life, you will be just bobbing along from one thing to another. Get help on making money goals.

70. Bake: More than likely, you probably have all of the baking necessities on hand. Try a new recipe or make an old favorite. Grab a friend or family member to make it more fun! Have too many cookies? Take them to a fire station or a nursing home.

71. Open Houses: In the market for a house, looking to remodel, or just want to redecorate, then check out open houses for ideas and inspiration. There are hundreds each week and a great way to spend weekends with no money. To add more fun, create a persona and a story on why you are looking at houses.

72. Watch a Sunrise: What better way to experience the wonderful beauty of nature! Find a spot to watch a sunrise and soak up the morning rays. Maybe even combine it with a short hike.

73. Watch a Sunset: The sunsets are us can be magical and absolutely colorful. There are so many spots to watch a sunset. Plus no two sunsets will be the same. Maybe even back a picnic.

74. Time Capsule: Make yourself a time capsule to be opened on a big birthday or in a big life year.

75. Craw Dad Fishing: Calling all dads (and maybe moms)! Head to a local creek with some sticks and hot dogs as bait. This is probably my kid’s favorite summertime activity.

76. Build a Fort: This is the only reason I keep so many blankets on hand. Kids can spend hours on end creating a fort with blankets. Pull in the chairs and start building. This will also include STEM learning because it is a science to get blankets to stay up on the fort without caving in.

77. Camp in Your Fort: Yay! Spend the night in your fort and pretend you are camping.

78. Visit a Farmer’s Market: Learn what fruits and vegetables are local to your area.

79. Play in the Snow: I will admit it is snowing while I type this. All you need to do is head outside and find plenty of things to dow without spending money. You can make snow angels, have a snowball fight, color the snow funny colors, catch snowflakes on your tongue, or shovel for extra money.

80. Built an Igloo Fort: This takes me back to feeling like a kid (at least until the soreness kicks in). Building a fort out of snow is so much fun! You can quickly spend hours outside and have a blast. Then, have fort wars!

81. Learn a Foreign Language: With so many cool apps and websites, you can teach yourself how to speak a foreign language. Maybe you just need to brush up on those high school classes. Then, you can volunteer at a local community center to practice!

82. Find a Pet to Love: Head to your local animal shelter and love on some pets that need to be rescued. This is great way to no spend money and help the community. Maybe donate extra blankets to help out the rescue.

83. Dress Rehearsal. This one may be harder to find, but an awesome idea if you can. Some venues will allow people to attend their dress rehearsals for big shows. You won’t have the same experience as the real show. At the end of the show, you will save lots of money and may be asked to provide feedback.

84. Sound Checks: Is your favorite bank headed to town and you can’t afford to go? Then, go a couple hours before the start of the concert and keep your fingers crossed they are doing sound checks. This works really well for outdoor concert venues. I have a cousin who has become a pro at this!

85. Get on a Realtor’s Mailing List: Realtors are always marketing their services and vying for attention. Many realtors will send out mailers with local activities that you can explore for free. Others may invite your to special events that are really fun and totally free for you!

86. Minute to Win It: Play this game against the clock which will have you laughing for hours. Most of the minute to win it games are with items you can find all throughout your house. This one is a winner for friends, kids or families!

87. The Bad Gift Exchange: Plan a party with friends and tell everyone to bring their worst gift they got from the previous holiday. Hold a funny white elephant exchange and laugh at what people actually spend money on.

88. Find Grand Openings: This is where to go when you have no money. Search for grand openings in your local area. Many times you will walk away with freebies and other goodies! Plus more than likely you will have a story to share about your experience.

89. Free Exercise Routines: No need for a gym anymore! You can download apps for plenty of workouts to keep you fit and healthy. Scroll YouTube for yoga classes. If you goal is to lose weight, then try Healthywage and get paid for losing weight.

90. Free Class at Community Colleges: Check out your local community college for free classes they are offering. You should be pleasantly surprised on how many free classes you can take.

91. Free Classes at Stores: Hitting up stores may seem backwards on where to go when you have no money. But, many stores offer free classes or projects. The goal for stores is to get you in the store in hopes that you will buy one or two things while you are there. Resist the urge to buy something and go for the free projects. Stores I know that offer free classes, projects, and crafts: Ikea, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Joann’s, Michaels, and smaller mall stores.

92. Favorite Recipes List: Too many times we forget some of our favorite recipes and they go un-made for months. Create your go-to recipes that everyone in your family loves. This will make your meal planning much easier and faster.

93. Research your Genealogy: If you want to know more about your family history, then you can spend hours learning more on the various genealogy websites. Even better, call the family historian to learn more about your heritage.

94. Fly a Kite: Don’t worry about having to buy a kite in order to have fun! Get creative and make your own. This is something my kids have figured out how to do on their own with store grocery bags and string.

95. Invite Your Kid’s Friends Over: Kids can always find something to do with their friends. Then, you can get some quiet time. You don’t need to spend any money for everyone to have fun. It is a win-win situation.

96. Get Your Personal Finances in Order: This is one of the most important things to do. Yet, it always slips to the bottom of your list. Learn how to organize your personal finances and make sure your wills are up to date.

97. Make a To-Do List: There is no better time to power through your to list. It is a great idea to not spend money and be productive. You may have to DIY projects or save money to finish them another day. But, you can tackle the hard stuff.

98. Last Text Message: Scroll all the way to the bottom of your text message list and find that friend you haven’t talked to in a long time. Invite them over and have a conversation.

99. Free Apps: There are so many free apps available. You can learn a new skill, play a game, organize your life, sharpen your brain, connect with friends. The options are endless on this one!

100. Free Trials: When you are looking for things to do with no money, then look no further for free trials. The options are endless because people want to try out their product. At a bike event, I was able to do a free trial for a road bike. It was a great way to check out what I liked and not spend any money.

Ideas for possible free trials:

  • HBO, Showtime, Starz Prime Video
  • Amazon Music
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Audible
  • Kindle Unlimited

Just make sure to cancel before the trial ends!!

101. Count Your Blessing: Too many times we take for granted everything that we have. Take time a start writing a list of everything you are grateful for. These blessings have enriched your life. Find ways to enrich someone’s life.

How Do You Have Fun Without Spending Money?

Now, we have covered an extensive list of things to do with no money. Hopefully, you have learned that you don’t need to spend money to have fun.

You can enjoy your time and not spend money. You can be productive when bored. 

There are so many ideas to help you through your no spend days.

That should be a smile to your face (and your bank account).

The less money you spend each day means the more money you can save for one of our money saving challenges. That is one of the best things you can do for your finances.

What are your favorite places to go when you have no money? If I missed one of them, please tell me in the comments.