How to lower electric bill in apartment: 5 interesting things

How to lower electric bills in the apartment when you can not make the types of changes you can in a home? Owning a home affords many opportunities to improve overall energy-efficient ways to lower electricity bills. That is because even though technically a large company lender owns your mortgage, then you’re the master of your domain name and can change restore and things in your Sims-like whims. However, what if you’re one of those 39 million households in the USA that rent rather than own?

You may feel like you do not have a great deal of control over creating the adjustments required to lower your energy bill. But, there are lots of short term and impermanent ways to save money on electricity, hot and cold water use, and petrol use.

How Much is a Regular Electric Bill for an Apartment?

How much is a typical electricity bill to get an apartment in your dimension, and in your region of the nation?

Based on the Energy Information Administration, here is what apartment dwellers are paying at electricity prices:

  • Rented, Single Family: $1,918/year (or $159.83/month).
  • Per Family Member in an Apartment: $631/year (or $52.58/month).

how to lower electric bill in apartment

Square footage also plays an important role in figuring out the monthly electricity bills. Here are their quotes on what folks are paying, according to a number of square ft:

  • Less than 500 Square Feet: $993/year (or $82.75/month).
  • 500 to 999 Square Feet: $1,291/year (or $107.58/month).
  • 1,000 to 1,499 Square Feet: $1,689/year (or $140.75/month).
  • 1,500 to 1,999 Square Feet: $2,089/year (or or $174/month).
  • Etc.

So, how can your electricity bill stack around those?

Whether or not you are ahead of the match, or spending far more than ordinary… keep searching for a few wonderful tips and ways to save.

incandescent bulbs

Notice: your apartment may bump your hot and cold water bill in together with your electric bill, or anything like this. If that’s the case, consider calling the water provider or the electric supplier to inquire how much their specific bill was to get your apartment unit (you may also try asking your landlord to get a breakdown).

How to Lower Electric Bill in Apartments: ways to save

Every trick and tip you will find to reduce the price of electricity on your apartment will fall into those three categories:

  • Selecting the Ideal Electricity Plan Tips
  • Making Behavioral Changes
  • Updating Your Tools and Appliances

energy efficient light bulbs

I will explore all three together with you so you may pick and choose which meshes best with your lifestyle.

My general idea for you? You will want to pick tips from each of those categories so as to reduce your electric bill to the maximum. We are going, to begin with, electricity strategy tips to lower your bill.

Electricity Plan Tips — How To Save Electric Bill at Apartment

If you reside in an apartment, then odds are, you need to decide on the electricity plan/provider your landlord chose.

Do not worry.

water heater

Everything you are going to want to do is make sure that you are using that program in a manner that gets you some perks available.

Telephone your electricity supplier (you’ll find the amount on almost any electric bill you can find), and also ask them the following questions:

  • Cheapest Times of Day/Night: Can there be a more affordable time of day/night when I could use electricity? You want to use the maximum electricity (for example, performing your laundry/running your own dryer/running your dishwasher) during non-peak energy times, which may save you additional money.
  • Are There Really Free Times to Use Electricity? : Several electric plans finally have promotions in which something like evenings and nights is free. This is very good info to learn, and what hour that free time begins. You will want to program any electric-using jobs during those times, like running the dishwasher, and using the water heater (showering), etc.
  • Are There Any Extra Plan Perks? : Find out whether there are any strategy perks you may not know about. By way of instance, do you get bonus points to use towards gift cards for paying your bill on time, or even for setting up automatic payments?
  • Can they provide a Free Energy Audit? : Request if they run free apartment audits to reduce energy intake.

Behavioral Electricity Use Changes – How Do I Keep My Electric Bill Down

Whether or not you reside in a dorm room, apartment, or even a house, you could always make adjustments to how you use electricity so as to lower your prices.

  • The handiest method to achieve this is by simply plugging as much as possible into one or two smart power strips, then unplugging the power strip before going to work or heading to bed (or hooking it up for your smartphone to take action out of the phone). Not into unplugging? Now you can do so digitally, by installing Smart WiFi Plug which you can control by your phone! Again, you are able to take this with you once you leave.
  • Institute that a digital-free evening or day: In case you can’t go completely without tv, mobile phones, or anything electric (save for your fridge ), then attempt television-free days or evenings. Pulling the plug on digital communication and the electronic information era every so often sounds like it might have an excellent effect besides saving money on electric bills. After half an hour or so of staring at family and friends maybe we’d be more prone to take part in tasty dialog without the use of a mobile phone. We could cultivate attention and existence, living in awkward silence until it becomes reassuring to us. Time to reflect, consider on, and consume the world around us can lead to new thoughts, ideas, or explanations of items that have appeared off to us earlier. Maybe we can make sense of our own lives, more certainly see our next measure, grieve for those things we’ve pushed apart, enjoy being, and also celebrate our love to all those around us. It would also slow down the apparently accelerated rate of time (only spend one day in a rocking chair on your porch folks or nature-watching and you’ll see what I mean).

ways to save

  • Keep sunlight in the Bay: Close blinds/shades prior to leaving work through the summertime to reduce the inner temperature in your apartment. Throughout the winter, closed the blinds/shades during the nighttime to be able to keep heat from escaping. Another wonderful idea? It is possible to install some thermal-insulated, blackout drapes — pull them shut once you leave for work in the daytime ).
  • Maintain Your Appliances: Gradually vacuum your fridge coils clean, in addition, to transfer your fridge several inches from the wall to boost efficacy. Whichever kitchen appliance you use, cook, and eat a few times. I used to use the oven on average of about three times each week then heat up leftovers in the microwave, toaster oven, or stovetop the remainder of the time.
  • Pay Attention to How You Cook: Crockpots and microwaves use much less energy than does an oven. No matter which kitchen appliance you use, cook once, and eat several times. I used to use the oven on average about three times per week and then heat up leftovers in the microwave, toaster oven, or stovetop the rest of the time.
  • Use Refrigerator Thawing: Quit using the microwave to thaw your meals, and rather plan meals per day beforehand so that it is possible to defrost things with time in the fridge.

Energy-efficient light bulbs, water heater, and other tools

You will find inexpensive products that you may buy to reduce your energy use inside your apartment. The excellent thing is that these goods are transportable, so that you may take them to your next home.

energy efficient

Notice: Just make sure that you keep all the previous components you’re replacing — you can stash them into a cupboard — so that you’re able to change everything back once you leave.

  • Energy Efficient Light Bulbs: Change out your light bulbs to energy-efficient ones.
  • Purchase a Water Heater Cover: Insulate your water heater (be cautious when doing so, as your water heater may be hot to the touch when it has lately been in use).
  • Buy a Low-Flow Shower Head: Install a low-flow showerhead.
  • Install Thermal-Insulated Curtains: Buy thermal-insulated, blackout drapes (or make your own), and pull them shut once you leave for work in the daytime ).
  • Use Dryer Racks: Buy dryer racks and also use them to wash your clothes. Be aware you could also dry clothes on a balcony, however, only as long as your apartment complex doesn’t prohibit this on your arrangement (all mine forbade this).
  • Use a Draft Guard: Buy a draft shield (or make your own) to put at the base of your door resulting in the exterior where temperature-controlled air can escape out of the apartment.
  • Install a Low-Flow Aerator in Your Own Sink: Check to Find out if there are threads around the inside tip of your own faucet. In that case, then it’s possible to install a low-flow aerator to lower the quantity of water stream. Otherwise, replace it with a newer version.

Adjust Appliances for Energy Efficiency in Apartment

You may not have a choice in the sort of appliances available.

ways to lower

Even if your appliances are out of the pre-energy efficiency heyday of Friends, it is possible to make adjustments so as to raise their efficacy and lessen the money leaking from your bank accounts.

  • Boost the Temperature of Your Freezer + Refrigerator: Turn your freezer/refrigerator up a couple of degrees (your refrigerator temperature remains best for slowing germs expansion ).
  • Turn Your Water Heater Down: Perform with all the temperature setting on your hot water heater by turning it down a couple of levels until you discover the point where it’s not hot enough for you.
  • Get Your A/C Filter Checked: Ask your landlord to look at the filter on your own heating and cooling platform: it is being properly maintained. In case you’ve got a window A/C device, then you can typically locate and clean out the filter.
  • Turn Your Ice Machine Away: If you’ve got more than sufficient ice into your icebox, that you turn them office machine. Gradually you may run out of ice hockey, in which case it’s possible to turn it back until it warms up again.
  • Convert Your Own Toilet into Low-Flush: Alright… this one saves in your water bill, rather than electricity bill. In case you have an old toilet that uses a bowl filled with hot water, attempt to turn it into a low-flush bathroom at no cost.
  • Smart power strips and others.

What Uses Up the Most Electricity in an Apartment?

Generally speaking, your greatest energy bill guzzlers:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating and cooling (including space heaters)
  • Water Heater
  • Clothes Dryer
  • etc.

electricity bills

One final bit of information: if there’s anything on this list that you’re uncertain of, then make sure to receive written consent from your landlord prior to making the modifications.