Fast Track Debt Relief 2021

Verdict. Fast Track Debt Relief may use the solution you’re searching for, however make sure to speak with them concerning their fees beforehand. While they’re transparent regarding the conditions of their debt consolidation loans, this company does not provide any information concerning the debt settlement fees they bill.

Fortunately, they do provide an on the internet conversation feature and also a free consultation that can assist you obtain your questions responded to before you devote.

Free quote or consultation Yes
Debt settlement, debt consolidation
Minimum debt $10,000
Typical turnaround 12 to 36 months
Not stated for debt settlement, 3.99% to 29.99% APR for debt consolidation
Types of debt Unsecured debt
Accreditations None
Ratings BBB: B, Trustpilot: 4.3/5
Free resources or tools Financial blog
Customer service Phone, email, live chat

Fast Track Debt Relief : pros

  • Free evaluation can assist you go through potential remedies to assist you leave debt.
  • Live chat readily available if you like to get several of your questions responded to online
  • Can help you resolve debts for 30% of what you owe or possibly also less
  • Debt settlement and also debt consolidation loans are offered to clients

Fast track: disadvantages

  • Fast Track Debt Relief does not disclose its fees for debt settlement
  • Minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt to certify
  • No major certifications

Fast Track Debt Relief reviews: the main information

Founded in 1998, Fast Track Debt Relief aims to aid its clients leave debt with a procedure referred to as debt settlement. However, they likewise offer debt consolidation loans that can aid you save money on rate of interest as well as come to be debt-free within as much as 84 months. A free phone consultation is offered, which can aid you determine if this company provides a customer service that works for your requirements.

What is FTDR? This review is for Fast Track Debt Relief’s debt settlement services. In addition to debt settlement, the company also offers help with debt consolidation, financial counseling, paying monthly minimums, and bankruptcy.

Who is this program for? People with $10k to $100k in unsecured debts.

How long will it take? FTDR’s program takes 1-3 years for people to complete (become debt free).

How much does FTDR charge? FTDR does not disclose their fees. Other sources report that FTDR charges 15-45% of the debt you enroll.

How does Debt Relief works?

After you sign up for a free consultation, you’ll consult with a Fast Track Debt specialist to discuss your alternatives as well as discover a program that fits your requirements. If you’re facing monetary challenge, it might recommend debt settlement. Otherwise, it could link you with a lending institution for a debt consolidation loan.

Fast Track Debt Relief
National Debt Relief
Year Founded 1998 2009
Accreditation Not accredited with the BBB

Not a member with the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC)

Not accredited with the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)

Accredited with the BBB

Accredited with the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC)

Accredited with the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA)

Services Offered Debt Settlement

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt settlement
Customer Service Free consultation

Phone and email customer service
Live chat

Free consultation

Phone and email customer service

Online client portal

Fee Not disclosed for debt settlement

No upfront fees

Pay 15% to 25% of your debt

Average Program Time 12 to 36 months
24 to 48 months

If you wind up choosing debt settlement, you’ll likely make one payment every month right into an escrow account while Fast Track negotiates with your creditors. Once it has the ability to reach a negotiation with your lender, it’ll use those funds to pay it off. You’ll continue this process till all of your debts have been repaid– which can frequently take several years.

Just how much does it set a member back?

Fast Track does not disclose the price of its debt settlement program. Commonly debt settlement companies bill between 15% and 25% of the accounts you enlist. Expenses vary depending on where you live, just how much debt you owe, exactly how willing your creditors are to settle as well as the length of your program.

Its companions also offer debt consolidation, which include prices that vary from 3.99% to 29.99% APR and terms from 12 to 84 months. These rates include a source cost of approximately 4%. This is standard for a personal loan item.

How much can I save with Fast Track?

Fast Track Debt Relief customers commonly see a high cost savings of around 60% to 70% of their balances, depending on the client, according to the checklist of leading resolved accounts. Yet given that it doesn’t disclose fees, it’s vague just how much you can in fact conserve through this solution.

Is it risk-free?

As a whole, indeed– though no on the internet company can guarantee your information stays 100% protected. Fast Track does its component by securing any type of individual information you go into with its on-line form, along with offering a clear, concise personal privacy policy that covers how your information is accumulated as well as used. It might share your info with 3rd parties for marketing reasons, but you can opt out by calling or emailing the company

Nevertheless, know that the online chat feature on its website is not secure, so we would certainly avoid sharing any type of delicate information via that system.

Important! Fast Track Debt Relief is not one of the top-rated life debt relief companies we profiled in our inner research study. You can review our list of the most effective debt relief companies to find out which companies placed the greatest.

Fast Track Debt Relief is one-of-a-kind in the fact that they offer more than one possible debt relief service to take into consideration. Initially, this firm offers debt settlement, which is a kind of debt relief that asks you to stop paying on your bills and conserve your money in a devoted interest-bearing account rather. As soon as you have adequate money conserved up to reach your settlement program goals, Fast Track Debt Relief reaches function negotiating debts in your place. While this company does not reveal their debt settlement fees, they show several leading settlement examples where customers have actually worked out debts for 30% of what they owe or less.

At The Same Time, Fast Track Debt Relief likewise provides debt consolidation loans with rates of interest from 3.99% to 29.99% APR (consisting of autopay price cuts) and origination fees from 1% to 4% of the finance amount. Repayment terms are supplied from 12 to 84 months, which could be adequate time for you to pay for all the debts you owe. With an individual funding for debt consolidation, you won’t pay less than you owe on your debts, yet you can save money on rate of interest compared to what you’re paying now.

Warning! Debt settlement can trigger damage to your credit rating considering that you stop paying your bills while you conserve up the money to resolve your debts. By comparison, debt consolidation through a personal lending can in fact increase your credit rating given that you’ll minimize the amount of revolving balances you owe.

Pros Described

Fast Track Debt Relief

  • Free examination can aid you walk through prospective remedies to assist you get out of debt: Like other debt relief companies, Fast Track Debt Relief lets you consult with a debt specialist that can aid you establish your next best actions.
  • Live chat offered if you favor to get a few of your questions responded to online: Many debt relief companies do not offer a live conversation choice, yet Fast Track Debt Relief does.
  • Can help you settle debts for 30% of what you owe or possibly also much less: Debt relief instances demonstrate how clients have actually resolved debts for 30% of the amounts they initially owed, and occasionally less than that.
  • Debt settlement as well as debt consolidation loans are provided to clients: Fast Track additionally sticks out as a result of the fact it concentrates on greater than one debt relief choice for consumers. You can use them to develop a debt settlement plan, but they will also provide you suggestions on debt consolidation.
  • Personalized Debt Reward Programs. Debt settlement custome service isn’t a one-size-fits-all option, and also Fast Track comprehends this. That’s why customers can contact a credit rating counselor to review insolvency and also negotiation choices.
  • Favorable Client Reviews. To its debt, Fast Track Debt Relief reviews declare, typically. Customers have actually expressed admiration for the customer service provided by Fast Track Debt’s member or customer service team.
  • Credit and Debt Education. Fast Track uses a reasonable amount of information about customer debt as well as the different strategies individuals take to end up being debt free. Along with the information noted under the tabs concerning debt administration, debt settlement, and also debt relief, the site has a “general” section, in addition to a newsletter.

The monthly e-newsletter is labelled “The Roadway to Financial Freedom”, and it uses a riches of information regarding budgeting, handling debt, and utilizing money intelligently. Each edition has to do with five pages long. The month-to-month newsletter appears to only have actually become part of Fast Track’s business operations for 2 years since the listed versions are for 2008 as well as 2009. The “General” area of Fast Track’s website reveals a listing of subjects that are all about debt however can be tough to sort through when establishing their customer service.

Cons Described

  • Fast Track Debt Relief does not disclose their fees for debt settlement: The ordinary debt settlement cost range is 15% to 25% of settled debts, yet Fast Track does not disclose their fees or provide any sort of fee range for debt settlement.
  • Minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt to certify: You require a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt to collaborate with this company, yet various other debt relief companies offer debt relief aid to people beginning at a reduced threshold.
  • No significant accreditations: Fast Track Debt Relief is not approved by the Better Business Bureau, the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), or the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

Lack of Information

Fast Track’s website reveals several tabs with information on debt relief, debt monitoring, and also debt settlement, yet the tabs are tough to navigate and also do not offer a really clear image of what Fast Track really does for customers struggling to pay bank card debt or medical expenses.

Bad news for clients

It may be hard to discover yet in this disclosure declaration on the Fast Track Debt Relief website it states:

Your creditors might proceed collection initiatives on delinquent accounts while you are enrolled in a Debt Settlement Program. Such collection initiatives can include phone calls and also letters to you, charging off the account, sending out accounts to debt collection agency or lawyers, lawsuits and also even garnishments of your earnings if a judgment has actually been gotten Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc. no insurance claim that it will have the ability to stop these collection tasks. These activities may continue while Fast Track Debt Relief, Inc. is making its best efforts to discuss your debt.

If you do not make required minimal payments to your creditors you may be damaging the terms of your arrangements with them and your actions will possibly be reported to consumer coverage firms as late, overdue, charged-off or past due equilibriums. Your creditor may also increase the rate of interest on your account as well as enforce other charges. Your account balance might continue to expand as your financial institution adds accrued rate of interest, late fees, over- limitation fees as well as charges. Your balance may continue to grow until a settlement is reached with your financial institution; and, if settlements are not successful, you could be hired to pay the entire equilibrium. After negotiation your lender might comment that the account was “gone for less than the total” on your credit scores report. A Debt Settlement Program may have a damaging effect on your credit score rating.

Outside of the difficult to find disclosure link the Fast Track Debt Relief website appears to be light on warnings of the possible consequences of signing up. The consequences can be severe as well as really demanding.

Types Of Debt Addressed

Fast Track Debt Relief does not list specific kinds of debt they assist clients pay off, yet the two sorts of debt relief they provide– debt settlement and debt consolidation– are geared to unsecured debts. Typically speaking, unsecured debt includes most types of debt that are not protected by security. Kinds of debt Fast Track Debt Relief may be able to aid with include:

Charge Card Debt

If you have high-interest debt on credit cards, Fast Track Debt Relief can aid you in a couple of methods. They can aid you discuss and pay off your credit card bills for less than you owe, or they can aid you save money and also get on a debt settlement strategy with a debt consolidation loan.

Unpaid Medical Expenses

Clinical debt can also be problematic. However, you can potentially pay much less for your clinical expenses by lumping them right into a debt settlement strategy.

Personal Loans and Unsecured Lines of Credit Score

Various other unsecured debts you could resolve can consist of personal loans and also credit lines you may have with a bank or cooperative credit union. You can likewise combine personal loans as well as other debts with a brand-new debt consolidation loan.

As you think about all your debt relief options, make sure to explore debt settlement and also debt consolidation alternatives like debt administration plans (DMPs) as well as financial counseling.

Client Onboarding

Fast Track Debt Relief supplies a live chat attribute that can help you get answers to some standard questions without needing to talk to a person over the phone. From there, you have the choice to get a complimentary quote to see how much you can conserve, and also you’ll obtain the opportunity to speak to a debt specialist that can talk through your choices and assist you make a decision which kind of debt relief to go after.

To qualify for aid from Fast Track Debt Relief, you need to have at the very least $10,000 in unsecured debt.

Customer Service

While Fast Track Debt Relief is not certified with the BBB, they do have several good reviews with understandings into their top quality customer service provided on the system. The company also has superb individual reviews on Trustpilot, albeit not much considering how long this company has been in business.

If you wish to speak with someone personally, Fast Track does have one location in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Otherwise, you can connect to them by means of their on-line chat feature or call their office. Fast Track Debt Relief does not note any type of specific hrs of procedure.

Company Reputation

The debt relief sector isn’t recognized for being respectable as a whole, yet there are lots of great firms out there. Prior to you sign up for debt settlement or pursue any other debt relief solution, it’s smart to research study business you’re considering as well as get to know their procedures inside and out.

You must also check with the Federal Trade Payment (FTC) to guarantee any company you’re considering isn’t part of a legal action with them.

Fast Track Debt Relief

When you perform these searches for Fast Track Debt Relief, you won’t discover any kind of complaints with the CFPB within the last 3 years. Likewise, note that Fast Track is not part of any legal actions with the FTC.

Fast Track likewise has an A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau, although they are not currently certified with the system. The company is also not approved with the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC) or the International Association of Expert Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), unlike numerous various other debt relief companies available.2 3.

Tip! If you have a problem about the debt relief services services of a debt relief company, you can submit a grievance with the FTC or call 877-FTC-HELP.

Ordinary Relief Amount

Fast Track Debt Relief has a debt settlement instance web page where they note a few of their most successful settlements to date. A few of their examples reveal debts gone for 30% or much less of the amount initially owed, yet you must recognize these instances do not take debt settlement fees into account.

Typical Time for Relief

While Fast Track Debt Relief does not promote an ordinary amount of time for relief on their website, the instances they share consist of clients that have finished a program within 12 to 36 months. They say it can occupy to 84 months to complete the process.


The market average for debt settlement is 15% to 25% of debt quantities settled. Nevertheless, Fast Track Debt Relief does not divulge their charge variety for debt settlement. With that said being stated, this firm does promote debt consolidation loans with source fees that vary from 1% to 4% and also rates of interest that vary from 3.99% to 29.99% including autopay.

Tip! If you intend to settle debt with a debt consolidation loan, you should understand lots of firms in this room deal personal loans without an origination cost.

When it pertains to debt relief, there are lots of firms you can reach out to for assistance. However initially, you’ll be a whole lot much better off if you contrast the best debt relief companies in terms of the customer service they supply, their company track record, and the fees they charge.

To assist you with this action, we determined to contrast Fast Track Debt Relief to National Debt Relief, the most extremely ranked debt relief company out there.

While National Debt Relief only uses debt settlement (no option for debt consolidation loans), they genuinely stick out from the competition. Not just is National Debt Relief recognized with the Better Business Bureau, the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), and also the International Organization of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), but they also disclose their fees ahead of time.2.

National Debt Relief likewise supplies an on the internet client website that can help you track your debt settlement plan in real time.

Prior to you join a Relief Fast Track Debt company

Debt relief companies normally charge a percent of a consumer’s debt or a monthly program charge for their services. And also not all firms are clear concerning these prices or drawbacks that can adversely affect your credit rating. Depending upon the company you work with, you may pay other fees for third-party negotiation customer service or setting up brand-new accounts, which can leave you in a worse situation than when you joined.

Take into consideration options before joining a Relief Fast Track Debt company:

  • Repayment expansions. Firms you owe may agree to extend your settlement due day or place you on a longer layaway plan if you ask.
  • Nonprofit counseling. Try to find free debt-management assistance from not-for-profit companies like the National Foundation for Credit Counseling.
  • Debt settlement. If you can handle to pay a part of the costs, offer the debt collector an one-time repayment as a negotiation. Debt collector are often happy to accept a reduced repayment on your debt to close the account.

Frequently asked questions

How can I contact Debt Relief Fast Track?

You can contact with Debt Relief Fast Track by using a phone number 888-332-8004, emailing or by using its live chat feature on its website.

Will using Fast Track lower my credit score?

Working with Fast Track itself won’t result in a lower credit rating, but debt settlement can have a negative impact on your credit number.

Am I guaranteed a settlement when I use Fast Track?

No, while Fast Track will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf, there’s no guarantee it will be able to settle your debts.